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What's a pollinator?

Hello I have a question ... do you know what a pollinator is? I used to think it was just the bees out there, but once I learned more about them I realized there are more than only bees who are POLLINATORS!

A pollinator is an animal the moves pollen from one flower to another. In my province, The Conservation Council of New Brunswick says there are eight major groups that live here: honey bees, bumblebees, butterflies, birds, bugs, beetles, moths, and even ants! In my next blog I will talk about beetles moths and ants!

Bees are awesome pollinators because their little body is made to carry pollen. These little super heroes are fuzzy so the pollen sticks to them. They have hairy legs and their very own baskets that can be found on the back part of their legs to help carry pollen back to their hive.

Butterflies are pretty but seem a little mixed up when it comes to smelling, eating and tasting! Butterflies have a long mouth called a proboscis. It's shaped like a straw and is great for sipping nectar. Like bees they get sticky with pollen as it sticks to everything... legs, wings and their body. Now this is where it gets a little funny. A butterfly's tongue is on it's feet, not in its mouth, or proboscis, I guess this helps it know if it will like the taste of the flower when it lands.

So its feet is it's tongue.

Its nose is it's antennae.

Its mouth looks like a sipping straw!

Birds are beautiful, some are very good singers and like bees they help pollinate flowers by sucking pollen in through their bills and travelling from one flower to another. At my Nana and Papa's house there are hummingbirds. These are very small birds that are amazing to watch. I found 10 fun facts, here are my top 5:

1. The name "hummingbird" comes from the sound their wings make because they move so fast there is a hum. (Their wings move about 53 beats per second... wow!).

2. Even though they have a long bill, they can't smell. Instead they can see colours well and love reds and orange flowers.

3. They are the only bird that can fly backwards!

4. Their little legs are only used to perch. They can't walk or hop.

5. Do you have a nickle? Pick it up... that's about how much a hummingbird weights!

Challenge: how many times can you flap your arms in a second. Tip: a second is "1 Mississippi" Oh and remember to count .... I flapped 5 times. I'm 48 beats slower than a hummingbird.


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