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When Grace was asked to be a part of her school's entrepreneur program she at first wasn't sure what she would work on until she watched a video that made her cry. Once she learned about what was happening to pollinators like bees and our environment, she knew she wanted to do something to help. That's how Grace came to start Bumble Kids.

Most youth entrepreneurial projects ask that a percentage of the sale be given to a charity or cause. Grace during her research found an organization called Bee City Canada that works with youth, schools and communities to raise awareness about the importance of pollinators. Through education and partnerships with schools and communities Bee City Canada is working to protect our pollinators.

Grace is happy to learn more about pollinators and wants to help other kids learn more too. Bumble Kids shares 40% of proceeds from the sale of individual kits with Bee City Canada and offers fundraising kits for groups hoping to raise money for school or community gardens and other environmental efforts.

Visit Bee City Canada to learn more about how your school or community can become a Bee City partner. You can also read Grace's story on the Bee City Blog.

Thank you for caring about our pollinators and environment. Let's #BEEHEROES together.


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