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Hi, my name is Grace and I'm 10 years old. Bumble Kids is a sunflower starter kit for kids who care about the bees. Our bees and other pollinators need our help.  By planting flowers we can protect them. Each kit comes with soil, ten sunflower seeds, two peat pots and a set of instructions. Let's BEE HEROES together! 



Learn how you can order your own Bumble Kids Kits for yourself, a friend, or to raise money for schools or community gardens.



Learn how Grace started Bumble Kids and why it's become so important to her.





Learn how our friends at Bee City Canada are helping communities and schools protect our pollinators.

Summer fun

Summer fun

Granddaughters visiting PEI from Ontario enjoy learning about pollinators and the importance of planting flowers.

What's happening

to our bees?

- Pesticides can kill large numbers of pollinators in a very short time. Another important threat to pollinators is habitat loss (buildings or grass lawns replacing fields and forests).

-Farmers who plant a lot of the same crop (monoculture) cause bees and pollinators to fly further for different food.

- Scientists think Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) is causing honey bees to disappear. CCD is when worker bees go away and the queen is left alone with lots of food and baby bees to take care of until they are big.

By planting more flowers we can help protect our pollinators.

What's happening to our bees and other pollinators?

Did you know?

The area bee’s cover is hard to say for sure, especially when their numbers continue to go down. The United Nation’s says 75% (¾) of the world’s fruit and seed-producing crops (food) are dependent on pollinators, including bees. The variety of food we have, from cucumbers to blueberries, is largely because of pollinators. 

Let's work together and plant more bee friendly flowers.  Sunflowers are a good start and an easy fun way to learn about gardening. 

You can learn more about what's happening to our bees and pollinators by visiting our friends at 

 Bee City Canada. 



1. Learn more about our pollinators. 

2. Plant lots of bee-friendly flowers that bloom from Spring to Fall.


Planting different flowers that bloom in Spring, Summer and Fall gives pollinators food all year! 

3. Create pollinator habitats: Nesting boxes or DIY bee boxs are great shelters/homes.

4. Support friendly agriculture: Bees are farmers best friends. 

5. Get your friends, family, school & community involved. We all can BEE HEROES! 

order your

Bumble kit

Order Bumble Kids Kits for your own garden. 40% of all kits sold will be shared with Bee City Canada to help educate and encourage our communities & youth to plant more flowers to help protect our pollinators. 

Bumble Kids Kits

Inside each Bumble Kids starter kit is:

  • A set of instructions

  • 2 peat pots 

  • Enough soil to fill two peat pots, and 10 seeds

What's Inside?

Your organic sunflower seeds will bloom Willowleaf Sunflowers. These are native to North America.

Loved by: Birds, bees, butterflies & humans. 

Bloom time:  July - August


Height:  1 - 2 meters (4 to 6 feet)

Space:  40 - 60 cm (16 - 24 inches)


Require:  Full sun

Moisture:  Dry to average

What will bloom?

Bumble Fundraising Kits

Order Bumble Fundraising Kits for your school garden or for a fundraising effort to raise money to help your school & community BEE A HERO.  

Get 40% off Bumble Fundraising Kits to create your community or school garden by raising funds through a "BEE A HERO" fundraiser. 


You can also register to become a Bee City School! Let's help teachers create fun engaging learning programs that will help youth learn about our pollinators, like bees, our environment and the importance of conservation. 

Funds shared!

bee city


We welcome you to connect with our friends at Bee City Canada to learn how you, your school or community can help protect our pollinators. 

Bumble Kids would like to thank Caitlin, a wildlife conservationist (animal protector), at Bee City Canada for sharing information for this website and teaching kids like me more about our bees and other pollinators. Caitlin studied animals at school, including entomology, which is the study of bugs! 

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Learn how you can order your own Bumble Kids Kits for yourself, a friend, or to raise money for schools or community gardens.

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